550 Paracord is a cord made of nylon that was first used for US military parachutes. Now days it is used by both the military and civilians as a multipurpose utility tool, and can be purchased in a wide range of colors and patterns. Aside, from its obvious use as a rope-like cord for tying gear to vehicles, mountaineering and rope rescues, it is ever-growing in popularity as a craft material. By using paracord knots to weave the cords together, crafters and manufacturers can use this elastic cord to make pouches, straps, belts, dog collars and leashes, survival bracelets, jewelry, lanyards, key chains, figures and various other objects.

There are numerous paracord knots to use to make crafts or survival accessories. Some knots are considered “practical” knots for their usefulness and strength, while other knots are “decorative” giving the product an attractive appearance. Most straps and lanyards use practical knots for securing the paracord, but many also use decorative knots to give them girth and style. Decorative knots are often used for making figures, dog collars, key chains, and bracelets.

Some practical knots are the Prusik knot, which is named after its alleged creator, Karl Prusik. This knot “grabs” a rope by securely looping around another rope. It is used for rope rescues and by cavers. An effective binding knot is the Constrictor knot which, when tightened, can be extremely difficult or impossible to untie.

Decorative knots include the Diamond knot which is used at the end of lanyards to tie them together. It can be used alone or at the end of a woven length of decorative knots going up the lanyard. The Monkey’s Fist is attractive, but also very useful. It gets its name from looking like a small bunched fist or paw. It is commonly used for tying around a marble or rock at one end of a cord to give weight when throwing the cord. For use with key chains, a ping pong ball can replace the rock or marble inside of the Monkey’s Fist, so that the key chain can now float if dropped in water. When making a paracord bracelet, this knot provides an easy solution for tying the band around the wrist by pushing the knot through a loop at the opposite end of the band.

Paracord bracelets are a very popular item for sale and to make. Bracelets are one of the easiest crafts to make with paracord knots. There are countless websites that give instructions on how to make these bracelets; many with accompanying pictures or videos. They use decorative knots to vary the style of the band. By using different colored and/or patterned paracord, you can create hundreds of different looks, even when using the same knot style. The technique for making paracord bracelets can easily be modified to make watches, dog collars or belts.
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